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Strategies for Backing up Your Data: Part 2, PCs

In our last post, we talked to Mac users about effective ways to back up their data. Today we’re going to show PCs some love, and talk about backup strategies for the rest of us. Check out these tools and tactics to ensure your PC enshrined data is never completely lost. Plug it in! The … Continue reading

HostNine Blog Weekly Round-up: May 7-11

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Weekly Round-up. This week we’re changing things up a bit by replacing out blog post links to section that highlights a particular topic and includes links to resources related to that topic. Let us know what you think in the comments! Want us to cover a certain topic in … Continue reading

Strategies for Backing up Your Data: Part 1, Macs

Backing up the data on your computer is important and should be a top priority, especially for those working in the tech space.  However, it’s amazing how many people do not back up their data, or if they do, lack any sort of comprehensive strategy for keeping their stuff as secure as possible. In the … Continue reading

Great Posts From A List Apart (Part 1)

A List Apart is a great blog that publishes top-notch content that’s relevant to both designers and developers. We decided to dedicate two posts to some of its best articles- topics include A/B testing, determining user needs, and more! Dive Into Responsive Prototyping With Foundation This post introduces you to the new and powerful tool for … Continue reading