The ABC’s of Reseller Hosting


If you’re one of our customers, you already know the benefits of hosting with HostNine. Excellent prices, stellar customer support, and an easy to use interface makes us the best in the business. Whenever a friend, a client, or the stranger you sit next to on the plane asks you which web host they should use, you recommend HostNine without hesitation.

While we appreciate it when our satisfied customers send new ones our way, you might be missing out on an additional revenue source for your business. Instead of sending your friends, family, and clients to our site to sign up for new hosting, you can offer to host their sites yourself. But, you protest, “I don’t want to start a web hosting company.” With reseller hosting from HostNine, you don’t have to.

A. Buy Big, Sell Small

Reseller hosting is based on a pretty simple business proposition. If you buy something in bulk, you can sell off pieces of your purchase for a profit. Whether it’s cases of beer or boxes of chips, buying in bulk can save you and your customers money.

When you buy and resell web hosting, you’re betting that you can make a profit by selling domain names, server space, and bandwidth to your own clients. You buy one of five simple hosting plans from us, and you decide how to resell your hosted websites. You decide what to charge and how to divvy up your resources to maximize your profits.

B. Personalize Your Offerings

What can you offer your customers that no one else can? Is it unparalleled customer service? Can you go visit your customers in person when they need help? Are you running the same content-management system and plug-ins as your customers, so you have intimate familiarity with how your site works?

Or, perhaps you run a web design company, and adding hosting services allows you to offer the complete package—from designing a site to getting it online—to your clients. With a little extra work, you’ll keep your clients happy, and will be able to maintain another revenue stream that will allow you to pay for your monthly costs even if your contract work runs dry.

Or maybe you’re an Internet marketer who already helps clients get their sites the attention they need. Adding web hosting services will allow you to keep everything in house so you can more closely monitor web traffic and the success of your advertising campaigns.

C. Keep Your Customers Happy

With reseller hosting, customer satisfaction is your responsibility. Because you are, effectively, the web host, you can provide whatever level of service you think your customers need and want, from phone and email support to personal visits. By choosing to use HostNine, you have excellent technical support that will help you resolve anything that goes wrong on our end.

reseller-graphAdding hosting services to your own site is one of the easiest things you can do to increase your monthly income. With HostNine’s competitive prices and stellar service, you’ll be able to pass along our excellent services to your friends, family members and clients, and make a little money for yourself at the same time. Take a look at our Reseller packages here.

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Photo by Kaptain Kobold