Integrating Mobile App Analytics into Google Universal Analytics


Photo by Luke Redmond

With more and more people accessing your site on mobile phones and tablets, there’s a steady pressure to create an app for your business. Or, perhaps your business is an app, and you want to measure its performance using the same analytic criteria you know all too well from your experience on the web.

Google’s Mobile App Analytics allows to measure your iPhone and Android apps via the same criteria you use for your web sites and integrate that data into your existing data. For example, if you’ve developed an app where customers can shop for your products, you can measure its effectiveness at closing sales as compared with your web site. In an age when everyone has an app and a web site, Google’s Mobile App Analytics is a vital tool. Here are a few advantages of integrating mobile app data into your Google UA profile.

What’s Your App For?

If your app is like most of those out there, it’s probably a scaled down, more focused version of your web site. You list your store hours, recent news, and you might even have a first stab at an online store. You created an app because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but now it’s six months later and you’re still not really what people are doing on the app.

With Mobile App Analytics you can track how people are using your app, collecting data like time-on-app, sales conversions, and page visits. If, for example, you find that your store attracts very little interest, but people love reading the latest news, you can modify your business plan accordingly.

Who Are Your Users?

Like traditional analytics, app analytics can determine who visits your site.
By tracking location, and basic demographics of your app users, you can determine whether you’re reaching new audiences or getting people who aren’t likely to help your core business.

And with Google UA’s support for tracking users across platforms, you can determine whether your app is winning over new customers, or just getting your most loyal customers to spend a bit more with your product.

Stay on Target

Google UA will let you set goals for in-app experiences, so you can focus on sales conversions with the same concentration that you reserve for your web sites. If your in-app store isn’t working, or if customers are clicking out as soon as they complete a sale and ignoring your survey, you can find out, and come up with ways to improve their experience.

For many website creators, apps are an afterthought, something you create almost as a hobby, just in case people demand to access your site’s materials in app form. With Google’s Mobile App Tracker, you can perform the same analytics on your apps that you already do with your web sites, and integrate that data into your reports. By tracking your app performance, you’ll be able to make real improvements to your app that will pay off for months and years to come.

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