Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic: Part 1

Want to increase your blog traffic? Of course you do, but how? Ramping up the number of people who visit your blog can be much easier than you think. Check out some of these strategies for keep the visitors streaming in.

Ways to Increase Blog Traffic


If you haven’t yet, install Google Analytics and track your blog in detail. Which sites refer visitors to your site? Which pieces of content that you’re putting out are garnering the most traffic so you can better plan your future content? Use Google Analytics to answer these questions and more to hone in on how to streamline your site for the most traffic.


Connect, connect, connect. Link your blog to active Facebook and Twitter accounts to grow your follower base. Many more people have these accounts than blogs, so this will definitely allow you to reach a larger audience. As you grow these accounts, also consider opening other accounts that will expand your base like accounts on YouTube and Flickr. This will also improve the diversity of your content – see “Visualize” below.


Including visual content on your site through photos and illustration can have a profound impact on your site traffic for several reasons. One reason is that visual content engages the viewer and makes your site more exciting. This will almost always keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. Another reason to do this is that content from your site will appear on Google Image search result pages. This creates another avenue for people to visit your site with content they are specifically looking for.


Probably the most obvious of these suggestions, making your content SEO friendly will go far in garnering traffic from search results. There are loads of strategies that will make your blog more search engine friendly and differentiate yourself from the pack. SEO Book has some great tactics here that will boost your SEO in no time.

Socialize (Part 2)

In addition to having an active presence on multiple social networks, having a social presence in real-life will also go a long way. See what events are being held in your area and meet up with other tech-savvy bloggers, entrepreneurs, developers and designers to really promote your blog to others who have a strong online presence.

What are some of your ideas for increasing traffic for your blog? Let us know in the comments!