How To Get Started With Reseller Hosting

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Reseller hosting is a great opportunity for anyone interested in making an online income. While getting set up is simple and low-cost, reselling is a long term investment of work, patience and promotion. With proper preparation and thorough research, it can become a lucrative business over time. The following list outlines the steps necessary to becoming a quality reseller web host.

Have a Plan
As with any venture, a plan should be drawn up with a clear idea of goals before starting out, while bearing in mind that profits will take time. Determine what part of the hosting market the business will target. Starting off small is the best approach, allowing the reselling business to grow organically. Thinking too big and wanting too much, too soon is the main reason many new reseller hosts fail.

Pick a Domain Name
The domain name should reflect the name of the business and be registered prior to choosing a host. A dot com is the first choice, with the option of adding the dot net to boost SEO and lock the brand name. Single word domain names work the best, as they are easy to remember and look more professional.

Choose a Host
Many hosting companies offer reseller plans and it can be difficult to choose one. A good host will offer generous bandwidth and disk space for a reasonable monthly fee, and will also provide a control panel that allows for simple administration and branding. A cPanel host is a good choice for novices because it is easy to learn. Some hosts offer a free license for billing software, which can be a huge time and money saver by providing easy sign-up, keeping clients organized and sending invoices automatically.

Set Up the Website
The company website is the portal through which potential clients first meet the business. It should be simple, easy to navigate and clearly show what the reseller has to offer. There are many quality free hosting templates on the Internet that only require a minimum of editing to customize. If in doubt, a small investment in professional web design can go a long way toward making a good impression and can ensure optimization.

Create Packages
Offering a variety of hosting packages will attract the most clients. It is crucial to offer disk space and bandwidth within reasonable limits that will allow for future growth. A good reseller will never promise more than can be delivered and have hidden limits that are a big surprise later on. Packages also need the flexibility to change to reflect customer needs.

Promote the Business
Promotion is vital to any business and the best way to get the word out is through social media. Setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts will make the reseller appear more approachable as well as professional. It is also an excellent avenue for letting people know about coupons and other specials. Twitter can serve as a lightning fast customer service solution with a personal touch.

Encourage Feedback
A new reseller can learn a lot by listening to clients. Encouraging feedback through an email form or social media will help the business grow and change to meet the needs of its target market. All criticism should be taken as constructive and a way to make things better. This approach will also show clients the reseller cares about their needs and will go the extra mile.

Have Patience
Growing a reseller hosting business takes a lot of patience. It is unlikely the company will turn a profit in the first year and it may only break even in the second one. Success in reselling comes over the long term, as it is not a get rich quick scheme. The company may have to shift its approach and goals a few times before finding the perfect niche and customer base.

Web hosting is a highly competitive market and with so many people getting in the reseller business, it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed. Following the tips above should provide a solid foundation for the novice reseller to build a profitable, well-run company.