Web standards Importance

Web standards appear to be one of the important elements while designing your web site since designers can able to address larger audience world wide. Ideally an endorsement with a set of standardization & best practices for building web sites should include broader attitude for the web design and development initiative. It brings multiple diversity in terms to meet browsers compatibility- more accessibility and the following core benefits cohering the web standards during development process;

* One of the incredible benefits of web standards is that your website will work with all major browsers and it requires lowest development costs due to its simpler development process and low maintenance.

* It increase usability and accessibility, that makes the pages download faster and make easier to decipher the content for screen readers.

* Since by separating presentation from content increases the information & markup ratio, making CSS-based documents more pertinent with regard to the search terms hence it enhance better search engine ranking .

* Release dependency to a single developer because  the site designed adhering the web standards are very well documented, any other developer taking over some standard-compliant code can hit the ground running.

* Reduces bandwidth consumption.

* Increase Clarity and conciseness.

* Cheap web site hosting cost & site maintenance.

* Provide Print version for all pages & users can customize site appearance.

* Allow your site to be accessible to a larger audience base– including the vision impaired, cognitive impaired.


Web standards becoming of paramount importance because using web standards and separating structure from presentation is going to give you give you professional advantage  in long term, all these factors add value to your website and wide coverage and overall a better return of investment.