“Reseller Central”- The Reseller Hosting Control Panel from Hostnine

HostNine LLC recently launched Reseller Central v3.0 which seems to replace WHM control panel completely, the interface is intuitive where resellers can manage all their domains across multiple cPanel servers, the Reseller Central has been designed to work very well with a clustered solution, it automates server management tasks for server administrators and reduce overhead by simplifying complex tasks and allowing customers to manage their own accounts easily.

You can easily consolidate all of your domain from one centralized control panel and with specific Location Choice, it enable you to choose the location where you want the account to be located.

Reseller Central is a complete web host management system that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and smoothly. It provide the ability to create ‘remote’ order systems so that one installation can manage multiple host websites, all with their own identities managed by a single admin area installation.

Customer Domain Accounts Management:

* Configure Accounts
* Edit Account Information and Features
* Limit Bandwidth and Disk Space Used by Accounts
* Upgrade and Downgrade Accounts
* Transfer Domains between Servers

Backups and Transfers:

* Automatically Backup Customer Accounts/Server Configurations

View Server Information:

* Disk Space and Bandwidth usage
* CPU, Memory, and SQL usage

Mr Ben Gabler, Director of Operations at HostNine said. “We have spent the last six months developing a solution that will allow our customers the freedom to host all their domains from one centralized interface without having to login to multiple control panels,”

“If a reseller wants to host all of their accounts in Texas, there are so many nodes in each location the chances of them ending up on the same node in the same location are slim to none,” said Gabler. That way if there is an outage on a node it does not affect the reseller’s entire account, only the domains delegated to that node. Reseller Central acts as a centralized management layer on top of an infinite amount of servers distributed throughout data centers around the globe.
HostNine can add additional nodes to any location at any time.

Reseller Central software can automatically update itself and your server’s software. This allows you to stay on top of the latest technology and security fixes. Its interface provides you exclusive control over these automatic updates and allowing you to disable them if you wish.

Hostnine is industry leader in support. Tech supports are staffed 24/7, including holidays. their ticket-based support is available at no cost, your support ticket will be reviewed within minutes and thus allowing  your company to meet the needs of your hosting customers with minimal effort..

Configuring your Reseller Central Packages .