Flickr Hits 5 Billionth Photo Upload Milestone

As per Media Culpa ( a blog that distinctly keeps an eye on media, the photo-sharing site Flickr has hit the 5 billionth photo milestone today with the below photo, uploaded  by Flickr user yeoaaron. The blogger Hans Kullin  also points out that Flickr has been growing at about 1 billion photos per year.

Woodwards Collage

However,  Facebook also claims it was uploading over 2.5 billion photos a month in February of 2010 although it is not still confirmed, Kullin shares some of the methodology behind tracking the milestones.

Flickr provide each photo a serial number and they have  officially confirmed earlier that the photo with the ID 3 billion is actually the 3 billionth photo: Date and serial number of a photo can be found via Exif data: ( Exif data is a record of the settings a camera used to take a photo or video)