Reseller Central v3 – Screen Shots #1

With version 3 of Reseller Central near completion we decided to start releasing some screen shots of our new and improved product. With Version 3 our clients can not only expect a full rewrite of the client-side code but they will find dozens and dozens of new features making life easier then ever! In my upcoming posts you will get a chance to see our new product and hear about the all-new features in store!

Below you will find the new header / quick search bar allowing you to easily search through available functions, domains, packages, feature lists, etc
Reseller Central v3

Below you will find the new list accounts page where you will find a few new features making it easier then ever to manage your accounts.
Reseller Central V3
*Note: The links seen such as Modify, Suspend etc appear when you mouseover a domain in your list accounts page.

Want to discuss Reseller Central v3? Feel free to do so at the following location:
Stay tuned! More to come!