Windows 7 Review

October 22nd marked the launch of what many critics will agree is a breath of fresh air for many Windows OS users worldwide. Hurray for all the fans who cowered under the scorn of Mac X users who never stopped short of laughing off any Windows product launch; including this one. Windows 7 is unlike its predecessor Vista and XP. In fact, these guys look like they sat down and listed down the weaknesses of both OS and threw in a few additional features and came up with a masterpiece; well almost.

And no, this new release does not beg for drivers, they are already available even for the mostly unavailable video drivers. Windows 7 even works on a normal processor that previously ran Windows XP! Of course it does look like Vista but is lighter, installs faster and is much more vivid and awesome to any user, what with all the appearance options that befall him. It shies away from the annoying UAC (user access control) horrors that plagued the Vista OS. It allows better control and more options for every user and allows multiple access, easier share and one click access.

The beauty is in the advanced easy-to access menu’s transparent UIs (user interfaces) and auto-install lovelies that ensure that all devices detected are immediately available for use. How’s that for glory? Of course, the OS will get the usual bashing in the next few months that plagues every Windows release; but this one will be different as it promises to have less complaints, better compatibility, and ease of use.

Windows 7 comes with the usual versions that have become tradition with Windows; Home Premium, Basic Starter, Professional, Ultimate. This is good news for Netbook users who had nightmares with Vista where drivers were concerned. Windows 7 not only is lighter on the processor, but it proves to be a better and more versatile OS compared to its ancestors and it has the power and looks that they never had. Available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, the OS has truly delivered as promised.

Upgrading from Windows XP and Vista is easy at lower prices compared to how much the Goldmaster version, that proves to be what every high end PC user must have. The features are standard on most versions, like aero peek, a marvel that allows you to quickly navigate through the many open windows by allowing a sneak preview of them, a taskbar that is a lot less cluttered, a redefined start menu, quick display switching among others.

What is notably absent though; Windows Mail, Live Photo gallery and Movie Maker, is available from the official site. The media player has been revamped and is more better looking, has more tweaks and easily puts iTunes to shame with its device and codec compatibility options. The security features are more precise, though you may still prefer the use of your antivirus. Homegroup option in networking will have you easily share and secure files, printers and any other devices with so much ease, you will love Windows 7 for this fact only. Okay, and its awe inspiring looks too.