New and Improved Affiliate Program!

We’re happy to announce our new and improved Affiliate Program which can be found on our website at

This new program is powered by iDevAffiliate which is much better than the software we previously used. With this software we can accurately track and pay commissions without going through custom scripts. The software we were using known as Ultimate Affiliate has not had an update since 2004 so it was very limited to what we could do with it.

Some key features in the new software are the management abilities it provides us with when it comes to your referrals. We can generate invoices and checks on the fly along with simply clicking a button to complete paypal payments. Due to the complex system we were using before we will need you to recreate your affiliate account at

If you’re an existing affiliate, once your account is created simply send an email to with your affiliate id so we can properly setup a forward to forward from your old affiliate url to the new url that way you do not loose any traffic / referrals. Also, be sure to include if you have unpaid commissions on your account as we will have to manually transfer them over to the new system for you and get them paid!

Another thing you will notice is the payout levels have changed. With the new software we’re able to setup what they call a Performance Reward. This means once you hit 5 referrals in a month it automatically bumps your commissions up to $50 per referral rather than the standard $25. This goes all the way up to $100 per referral! This is something we were limited to and could not properly do with the old software.

On behalf of HostNine I would like to extend my sincere apologies for any payment issues/delays existing affiliates may have experienced due to poor affiliate software we were running previously. I can assure you that there will be no delays or issues when it comes to payments from this day on as this software is VERY powerful and has everything we need. The affiliate management area alone will be surprising compared to the old one. Once again I do apologize for any payment issues in the past but can assure you it will NEVER happen again. We are bringing on a dedicated affiliate manager to run the affiliate program as well as keep things up to date when it comes to banners, special coupons, and ads.

To help our affiliates we will be discontinuing the h9 coupon in the near future and have a coupon generator available that will allow affiliates to create their very own coupon to help boost their referrals. This way potential customers can find you (the affiliate) and get a coupon from you rather than directly on our website. We also have plans to introduce all-new Shared, Reseller, and Dedicated Server banners this week so stay tuned for those.

That pretty much sums it all up. For the time being I will be handling the affiliate program day to day tasks until we can fill the Affiliate Manager position. With that said I look forward to getting everyone into the new system and back up to speed with commissions.

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