Multiple H9 Servers Instability/Outages due to WordPress attacks

Currently, multiple servers are undergoing heavy WordPress brute force attacks which are causing instability for some servers and a heavy load on those servers services, leading to outages and downtime. Our Tech team is continuing to work on filtering and shielding these servers from these attacks, and due to the nature of the issue we do not have an ETA when the servers will return to normal operation at this time.

Currently, we have a forum thread posted at:

to keep those affected updated on the situation, and we will update that thread as the issue progresses.

For more information about this type of attack, why it is perpetrated, and what it’s ultimate goal is you can read this article, which explains in layman’s terms the attack, and its affect on web servers.

We again encourage you to utilize best practices with your WordPress site, which include:
– choosing a username other than admin
– choosing a secure password:
– restricting access to wp-admin:
– ensuring your WordPress is always up to date.

We will continue to work to mitigate this attack, and we thank you for your patience.