Top Domain Name Tools

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When you choose a domain name, you’re doing more than deciding what to call your website. You’re creating a brand, priming search engines to find you, and telling your customers and visitors what’s most important about your business. A poorly chosen, weak, no good domain name won’t just harm your web strategy. It could harm your business. A site with a poorly considered domain name is easily lost on the web, making all the work you put into setting up your site less fruitful than it could be.

But with a bit of planning, and these helpful tools, you can make your domain name something that gives you the extra boost you need to make it the first page of search engine results, and reach every last customer who looks for your business.

Domain Groovy

Domain Groovy is one of a number of domain name finder-generators that are out there, and this one generously provides links to some of its competitors. The set up is easy. Enter one or several key words into the search engine, and you’ll get back dozens of available domains, giving you both ideas for how to build your web presence or just reach the search engines that can determine whether your business succeeds or fails.

Domain Hole

Flashier—perhaps too flashy—than most domain sites, Domain Hole’s most useful feature is its expired registration search, which allows you to pick up domains that have just been let go by their previous owner. You can also limit your searches to dot-coms, so your time isn’t wasted by other names that won’t get you the results you want.


DomainsBot is like the other domain search engines, except for one incredible feature—in addition to making sure your desired domain is available, it will also check Facebook and Twitter to see if the same name is available on those sites. So, if you want to use the same phrase across all of your outlets, this is the site to check.


If the domain name is critical to your business’s success, Dot-o-mator will help you both find the right domain and a proper way to describe it. In addition to be able to do keyword-sensitive searches, Dot-o-mator will provide suggested beginnings or endings to your site. If you know what you want your business to be, but aren’t sure what to call it, Dot-o-mator is a good place to start playing around with potential names.

Lean Domain Name

If you know what words you want to include in your domain name, but aren’t sure how they should be arranged, Lean Domain Name will run through dozens of variations in order to help you pick the right one.

Choosing a domain name is tough, but you don’t need to spend all day with a blank sheet of paper thinking up names that aren’t available. These services will help you pick a domain name that will help your website reach the customers and viewers you need.

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