Joomla! and You


While WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, it has never been without competitors. One of the rising stars in recent years, Joomla!, is a full-service alternative to WordPress and Drupal. It’s open source, free, and easy to install, particularly using the Softaculous software available HostNine provides.

Even though Joomla! is similar to other CMSs in many ways, there are a number of important differences to consider. Choosing a CMS is a fairly consequential decision, as you’ll be locked into a system, and a community, as long as you keep your web site. Here are few reasons you might choose to run Joomla! instead of WordPress or Drupal.

You want to build a web site, not a blog

Even though people use WordPress for everything these days, it’s really designed for bloggers. If you want to build a web site, and have no interest, none, in building a blog, Joomla! is worth considering. Unlike WordPress, which treats everything like a blog, Joomla! has a more open structure, so you can build a site that allows you to change specific elements of your site without having to develop work-arounds.

You need flexibility

Joomla!’s open architecture allows you to make a wider range of websites without having to fight the default blog-centric options that often creep-up in WordPress. Instead of Themes and Plug-ins, Joomla! uses extensions, which includes plugins, templates, modules, languages, and components. Joomla! also offers security features, such as the ability to password protect entire sections of your site, that are only available as Plug-ins on WordPress.

You want to keep things easy for your users

For the end user, Joomla! is very easy to manage, so if you’re working with clients that have complex needs, but want to manage their own site once you’re finished building it, Joomla! is a good option. Many of the extensions available for Joomla!, such as e-commerce solutions, can be easily integrated into almost any Joomla! site, and are a snap to use.

The bottom line

With Joomla!, you can make flexible, functional websites that are easy for your end users to modify. While the installation of a Joomla! site is a bit more complex than WordPress, the strong support community eases the pain, and once you’ve set up your site your users can easily add new content. If WordPress doesn’t give you the power you need, and Drupal seems too intimidating, Joomla! is a great alternative.

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