Web Development Tools For Designers To Explore

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Web designers amass a considerable amount of skills relating to delivering content in an engaging, aesthetically-pleasing manner. However, the field of web design is changing, and web designers are constantly being asked to supply more programmatic functionality. For those who are used to working with design platforms and focusing on design elements, these demands can seem overwhelming.

With the popularity of social media and smart phones, the call for these demands will continue to grow. In the past, web design and web development could be neatly segregated; recent developments have blurred this distinction. Fortunately, those who are capable of web design can become competent web developers with a bit of practice. Here are a few resources to consider.

1. Codeacademy Before delving further into the art of web programming, it is important to understand what programming entails. Programming demand particular mindset and a way of viewing problems, and other resources can be confusing without understanding the fundamental concepts of programming. Further, those who understand the basic elements of programming are able to see how powerful a tool it can be. Codeacademy offers an interactive tool that helps budding developers understand programming in a manner that cannot be relayed in books or tutorials. This should be the first resource use by those looking to enter the field of web development.

2. Code School After graduating from Codeacademy, new developers will want to utilize a more traditional method of learning to program. Code School uses a multimedia approach to teach important concepts in a more rigorous, structured manner. By completing the available lessons, new developers will be able to form a solid base on which they can learn the specifics of web development. Their suite of lessons delivers the background information needed to learn about intermediate and advanced concepts, which can help tremendously when performing professional web development work.

3. 10 web development concepts designers should know While developing a firm base of knowledge is necessary for succeeding, it is also important to understand the nuances and specifics of web development. Because web development was created in an ad hoc, reactionary manner, it contains a number of peculiarities that can easily trip up beginning developers. By forming a mindset honed to working as efficiently as possible, new developers can prepare themselves for learning as quickly as possible and delivering great results. This article provides great information for those who are struggling to adopt a development mindset.

4. Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers While programming is envisioned as a rigorous, structured discipline, is actually far more improvisational than many imagine. In light of this fact, this article from Lifehacker gives some practical advice for those entering the web development field. By embracing the advice given and taking a pragmatic approach to web development, new developers will be able to start working more quickly than those who must learn these lessons on their own. Web development is an exciting field, and many predict a future in which most programs will be designed to run through web browsers. By learning these skills as quickly as possible and embodying the mindset necessary to develop successfully, web designers can successfully transition to the web development field.

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