Transferring Your Domain To HostNine

Thinking about transferring your domain to HostNine? Fantastic! We look forward to having you. However, before you dive in, here’s a few things to keep in mind- compliments of the HostNine technical team. 

An important thing to understand is that you always maintain complete control over your domain. As the legal registrant of the domain, this grants you the right to do what you want with the domain and you will always remain the Registered Owner.

The first thing to think about is your nameservers.  Tranferring a domain to HostNine will not automatically redirect visitors to your account with us.  If you wish to have your domain pointed to us, it’s best to change over to our nameservers  before initiating the transfer, (you can find the appropriate nameservers by contacting our support department by contacting because you generally will not be able to change the nameservers during a domain transfer.

  • Once you have that taken care of, you can begin with the transfer.  First, you need to disable the “registrar lock” which can be done at your current domain registrar, or web host if you purchased it from a hosting company.
  • If you have any kind of privacy protection services, you’ll need to disable them before proceeding, and ensure that your whois contact information is up to date.  This has to be done because the contact email address on the account is where transfer information will be sent.
  • Once your domain is unlocked, and your whois information is up to date, your domain is prepared to be transferred.  The next step is to request your EPP Key (a code that lets us prove that we have your permission to request the domain) from your current registrar or host.
  • Now you’re ready to initiate the transfer.  If you plan to order hosting with us, you can order the domain at the same time – just select “I want to transfer a domain” at checkout, and enter the domain you plan to transfer.  If you are only looking to transfer a domain without ordering hosting, you can do that right here:
  • Once you proceed, you’ll see the cost for the domain you’re about to transfer.  For most TLDs (Top-level domains) this cost will also add an additional year to the current renewal date.
  • Continue through the checkout process, providing information as requested (including your EPP Key)
  • Once the transfer is paid for and initiated, you should receive an email from our registrar requesting that you authorize the transfer.  Generally this email will arrive immediately, but if it takes a few hours, that’s no cause for alarm.  Follow the instructions in the email carefully.
  • After you have approved the transfer, you’ve done everything you have to do – the remaining steps must be completed by the sending and receiving registrars, and can take anywhere from a day to a little over a week, depending on how “on the ball” each registrar is.

To move your Domain from HostNine to another registrar or hosting company:

  • To start, if you have domain privacy enabled, please email to have it disabled since you will not receive your authorization request if it’s turned on.
  • Log into your client portal here:
  • Click on the “my domains” link at the top and then click “view details” next to the domain you’d like to transfer.
  • Scroll most of the way to the bottom and you will see a box for the registrar lock. Make sure you un-check this, and save the change before proceeding.
  • Scroll down a bit further and you should see a box for the EPP/authorization code. If you click on that, depending on which registrar your domain is with you will either get the EPP code right in the billing panel or it will be emailed to the primary whois contact for the domain. Hold on to this code as you will need it to start the transfer and for the authorization email from your new registrar.
  • Log in to your new Registrar and initiate the transfer from their control panel.  If you need assistance with this it would be best to contact the help department for the receiving registrar, as the exact setup will vary from company to company.
  • Enter the EPP key information when requested.
  • You’re done with what you need to do – all that’s left to do is wait.  The process should start within a few hours and be fully completed within three or four days.

Welcome, and thanks for choosing HostNine!

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