Stay Safe!: A Collection Of Security Resources, Volume 1

Photo via Aquila

As we all know, hosting a web site (or reselling for a variety of clients) can get tricky, as security threats and other unwanted bugaboos are always around to mess with you and/or your client’s piece of mind. However, we’ve collected some links to help you out with a few of the more common issues found in the day to day life of a site owner. Did we miss any major points? Know of any resources worth sharing? Tell us in the comments. We’ll be passing along other helpful security resources as we gather them in future installments as well.

10 Essential Security Tips: Protect Your Site From Hackers
How To Protect Your Site From Hackers
.NET Magazine

10 Steps To A Secure WordPress Website

Joomla! Security Checklist
From the Joomla Documentation

Better Passwords Don’t Make Us Secure: Best Practices Advice
InfoSec World

Clickjacking: What Is It And How Can You Protect Yourself?
Keep Your Site Safe: What Not To Do
How To Keep Your Server Safe From Common Security Problems
Web Hosting Geeks

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