Get More as A HostNine Affiliate!

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Did you know that whether you’re a customer or not, you can become a HostNine affiliate for free? It’s one of the best way to refer our enterprise class hosting and best of all- get paid for it.

Before going any further, if you haven’t signed up for the affiliate program,
go ahead and signup here. What’s not to lose? You receive 300% commission on the monthly price of the plan referred.

After doing so, read below to find out the best ways to increase your conversions in our affiliate program:

Promoting via Banners & Links

As a HostNine Affiliate, you will have access to a variety of clean, professionally designed banners that you can put on your blog or website. After people click through from your banner on your site and purchase HostNine products- YOU will be credited for the sale. Easy, huh?

Using DirectLinks

Using direct links allows affiliates to mask their Affiliate link (i.e. so that when a potential customer clicks on the link, they see, “” in the browser.

Just apply for the directlink in your affiliate panel and can easily be able to share affiliate links without people knowing.

Email Signatures

Hyperlink or share your Directlink (if approved) in your email signature to get more sales. This is an easy way to share promotion about HostNine without much effort. As mentioned before, customers and non-customers can be HostNine Affiliates. Sign up to start receiving great commissions!

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