A/B Testing Resources

Do you have two different iterations of a web page, marketing email, or web idea? Not sure which one to use? You should give A/B or Multivariate testing a try.  A/B testing is a practice that helps you figure out what option will work best with your online audience in terms of response rate or sales conversion rate

Multivariate testing is similar to A/B testing, but involves more than two different iterations of the same idea.

A/B & Multivariate testing has been utilized by the direct mail industry for some time, but it has been taken on in the interactive space to test the response/conversion rates of banner ads, landing pages, websites, and marketing emails.

How it works:

The folks running the A/B or Multivariate test will show the testers two or more samples of a test, consisting of the original (the control) to see which variations are more effective in achieving the desired outcome. These tests are most effective when they are shown to a fairly sizable audience, as the results should show some reasonable difference between the original version of the page/email/idea and the other variations.

Click here for some great A/B testing tools you can use, and take a look at some of the advantages of A/B testing right here.

Also, here’s some additional resources that will give you the basic gist so you can get started!

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Clutch.io: A/B Testing For Mobile Apps
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8 Rules Of A/B Testing: The Art Of Marketing Science
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