How H9’s Cloud Hosting Platform Provides Better Uptime

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The term “cloud” has been bandied about the IT and hosting industries for the past few years, and has meant about as many things as there are providers and development firms who’ve used it. It’s been used to refer to SaaS products, to “hardware sharing” services like Amazon’s cloud, and to network storage such as iCloud and the PlayStation Network cloud. So just what is Hostnine’s cloud hosting, and how does it benefit our resellers?

Hostnine’s cloud hosting platform is, at its core, a shared web hosting platform. From the end-user perspective, the vast majority of the functionality is just like a web hosting account that you’d create via Reseller Central on any of our other shared web hosting servers. The user is presented with a cPanel interface, and with FTP, and (upon request) SSH and SFTP access. The difference is that the cloud servers don’t run on normal physical hardware the way that our other shared web hosting servers do: they run on a cluster of many physical hardware nodes, and can “hot migrate” between them – that is, if one of those hardware nodes fails, the servers currently running on it can seamlessly migrate to another of the servers in the cluster. A physical server can go completely offline, and you, the customer, see no downtime, because the cloud server your content was being served from hot migrated to another physical server in the cluster before anyone noticed that there was a problem.

The cloud hosting platform is exceedingly resilient to hardware failures on any of the physical nodes, unlike traditional web hosting where a hardware failure of that sort would result in an outage for your website – and a loss of visitors, customers, and possibly search engine rankings. Despite this, it’s not perfect: network outages can still cause problems, just like with a standard web hosting server. It’s just better.

Beyond just our cloud web hosting which we offer to our resellers, however, our VPS platform is also hosted on the cluster in the same way, and your Hostnine VPS benefits from the same resilience against hardware failures that our cloud shared web hosting platform does. Just like the shared cloud web servers, your Hostnine VPS can also fail over to another physical node should the one it’s running on experience a hardware failure.

We think this makes our cloud web hosting worth the small additional per account fee, and along with our top-notch customer service, helps our VPS offerings stand out from the pack!

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