Helpful Links For Freelance Web Designers

Photo via eric.delcroix

If you’re new to the game, freelancing can be a daunting experience. There’s a whole new set of rules to follow, and quite a few pitfalls to be wary of. Here’s a few quality articles from Smashing Magazine that can help freelancers new and old with things like client management, income strategies, proposals, and more! 

Passive Income Strategies For Web Designers
Comprehensive piece on ways that web designers can earn some extra cash!

Useful Business Advice And Tips For Web Designers
Striking out on your own as a freelancer? Not as good with business as you may be with design? Read this article for some tips to help you gain confidence in the world of contracts and clients!

There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Client
Heard hours of client horror stories from your freelancer friends? Relax. Your friends need to get a grip and read this (so do you).

Stop Writing Project Proposals
Don’t stress over a proposal for no money! There’s different (and more enticing) ways to promote your services to a client!


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