5 Great A/B and Multivariate Tools

Photo by albertogp123

Google Website Optimizer

This is a free service offered by Google. It requires you to have a Google account and to be signed up for Google Analytics. Setting up Google Website Optimizer isn’t as easy as point-and-click, but it won’t take very long to get things up and running. One of the beautiful things about the Optimizer is that you can track multiple changes and combinations of your website to see what combinations make the biggest difference. This is called multivariate testing. Google will take your variables and alter the version that people see. Definitely worth a try!

Check out this post from Search Engine Land for more information.

Visual Website Optimizer

This site offers both A/B testing and Multivariate testing. In addition, Visual Website Optimizer uses both heatmaps and clickmaps to determine where people are going on your page. This gives you a nice visual representation of how your site is doing. And if you’re using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to integrate your reports seamlessly.


This tool is not only useful and easy, but it’s also fun. You can try it out on any website. Just type in the URL and then play around. There is no coding needed. The site uses a WYSIWYG editor to make alterations to your site.  There’s a 30-day trial, and a few different price points.


Unbounce is a great site for A/B testing. The site allows you to create your own landing page, and we all know that your landing page is one of the keys to your successful online marketing campaign. The pricing for Unbounce is reasonable, and they offer a free trial that allows you to see how everything works.