Ways to Increase Blog Traffic: Part 2

In our last post, we talked about some ideas to increase traffic on your blog. In this post, we’ll show you some additional steps that will add to your web-traffic-generation toolset.

Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Keyword Research

Use tools like Google AdWords to track how many people are searching for certain words and phrases. Base your content at least loosely on trends that you find during this research. This will have profound impacts on the strength of your SEO and ultimately bring a more focused audience to read your content.


Surveying is a fantastic way to make sure that the content you’r generating is relevant to your audience. Relevant content will not only bring your current readership to your blog more frequently, it will also increase the likelihood of your readership recommending content to others. Attach your survey to a prominent location in your post and do this several times over a set period. This will ensure a good sample of your readership


Increasing blog traffic not only means getting people to your blog, but also keeping them on your blog. Thus, designing your site to be aesthetically pleasing can go an incredibly long way in helping your traffic. No one wants to spend time on an ugly site, so make sure you’re spending time on keeping your web “siteliness” up to par.


If you want to generate buzz about your blog, generate buzz about other blogs! Comment on, like, tweet, pin, etc., etc., content from other blogs and you’ll likely to get lots of attention from the people who are most likely to read your stuff. Interacting in this way will also encourage others to not just read, but interact with your content as well, further generating buzz for your blog.

Promote wherever possible 

Finally, promote your blog everywhere. Put it on your business card, your email signature and your social networking profiles. Bring up topics your blog covers in conversation. Invite people to write for your blog if you think they could have an interesting contribution. Get creative and be assertive.

What are some of your ideas for generating even more blog traffic? Let us know in the comments!