Strategies for Backing up Your Data: Part 2, PCs

In our last post, we talked to Mac users about effective ways to back up their data. Today we’re going to show PCs some love, and talk about backup strategies for the rest of us. Check out these tools and tactics to ensure your PC enshrined data is never completely lost.

Backing up your PC

Plug it in!

The most common form of backing up – simply grab a USB stick or an external hard drive and dump your data. While this clunky method is quickly being outpaced by sexier technology, you’ll have the piece of mind of having a copy of all of your important data right there with you.


A hot word in backup these days, nearlining is the practice of backing up your data to a storage site connected to your computer or in the same network. A service like this can immediately restore files right back into your computer to the exact location where it was before. Some great examples of this type of backup are  Carbonite and Druva.

Remote backup

Remote backup allows your to store your data on a server (surprise) remotely. As unlikely as it is, if something happens to your computer and your external hard drive, you’ll be happy you took this special precaution. Check out Barracuda Networks or Iron Mountain to start backing up your own data remotely.

How do you back up your PC? Let us know in the comment section!