Great Posts From A List Apart (Part 2)

Today we’ll continue our two-part summary post on our favorite posts from A List Apart. Check out these great articles!

CSS Floats 101

This useful post provides some advanced tricks of the CSS trade to show how to create “floaters” that is, a box that shifted to the left or right of a current line with the option of having content flow along its side. Sound like something you could use for your site?

Future-Ready Content

How do you ensure that your content will be able to respond to advances in technology? After all, the internet is constantly evolving and adaptation is necessary. Despite these changes, however, there are a number of strategies to stay on top of your content game while planning for the future.

Getting Clients

Getting clients as a web developer or designer is not always easy. Sometimes you must resort to some classic tactics to get people to seek you out for their projects. This excerpt from Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro is a fantastic resource for both designers and developers. Try out some of these methods to really get noticed and grow your client base!

Pricing Strategy for Creatives

How do you get the most out of your clients while still keeping them happy and giving them reason to come back? This is a dilemma faced by many designers and other creative types. This post offers some useful tips on how to maximize the quality of your and your client’s experience, from first meeting to final product.

Find anything else on A List Apart that’s noteworthy? Let us know about it in the comments!