Great Posts From A List Apart (Part 1)

A List Apart is a great blog that publishes top-notch content that’s relevant to both designers and developers. We decided to dedicate two posts to some of its best articles- topics include A/B testing, determining user needs, and more!

Dive Into Responsive Prototyping With Foundation

This post introduces you to the new and powerful tool for website mockups: Foundation. This powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly tool generates just enough code to save you immense amounts of time, while still keeping you in control of the final design. Check out the screenshots below for a good idea of what Foundation is all about.

Audiences, Outcomes and Determining User Needs

This useful post successfully instructs you how to pair the needs of your users with your goals as a brand. While this may seem like an obvious relationship, connecting the two may be more difficult than you would think. This process involves building a healthy conversion rate for your visitors, while at the same time using the collective of their experiences to understand their needs. This information, when applied, encourages additional conversions and the process repeats itself.

A Primer on A/B Testing

You have probably seen many different tutorials on A/B testing since it’s one of the most common practices in fine tuning your CRO strategy. This article takes matters a few steps further by showing you examples of creating personas that fall in line with the metrics of your users, allowing for a more personalized and visual approach to your conversion goals.

Personality in Design

This dynamite post is a must read for anyone involved in the branding business. Using case studies from the VW Beetle to the MailChimp Monkey, this article shows you the vast and lasting importance of creating a (sometimes even anthropomorphized) personality for your brand. Make your product or service really come to life with these great tips!

Click around on A List Apart and see what useful articles you can find! Come across something interesting? Let us know in the comments!