5 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Archives

So, you’ve amassed a huge backlog of informative blog content over the last few years. While you may assume that it’s old, useless information there may be some bits in there you can continue to share with the world. You can repurpose your knowledge into different forms, and further establish your authority on a topic on the web. Ebooks, webinars, and selling content are some options we’ll discuss in this post. If you’ve got any additional suggestions, let us know in the comments.

1. Create an Ebook

Ebooks are great ways to consolidate a bunch of posts that may share a theme/topic. What’s more, the process is rather simple. Read this post on how to create an ebook from Smashing Magazine, and start digging through your archives to get started!

2. Create a Webinar

Repurposing information doesn’t necessarily have to consist of you cutting and pasting old work. If you’re comfortable in front of a webcam and add some compelling visuals, you could turn your blog posts into a webinar or presentation that could prove to be valuable “evergreen” content for your site. Here’s an article from Read Write Web about how to make webinars work for you.

3. Take It to the Masses

Take that backlog of highly prized blogging gold and take it to the streets in the form of group seminars and coaching opportunities. Think TED Talks.  You aren’t just talking to hear your own voice. You wrote a blog because you thought people would be interested in what you had to say.

4. “Put me in, Coach.”

Is talking to that large of a group too intense for you? Dial it down. Find a small group of people that want the information that you have and willing to pay for it. You can act as a coach for that group. Not only will you share your information with them, but you can also help them to come up with their own resources.

5. Re-Write and sell old posts

If you’re an “expert” on a certain topic, and your content is still relevant, there’s plenty of opportunities to guest post or sell your content to other sites who may benefit from your knowledge. Check out this article from The Next Web on the best places to sell your content.