5 Articles About Freelancer Productivity

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So, you’re freelancing! How’s that going? Maybe you’re doing great, but we can always stand to be a little more productive amidst a world (and internet) filled with distractions. The following articles can help to get you pointed in a productive direction, whether you’re a time management pro or ADD-addled multi-tasker.

How Coffee Shops Can Make the Best Substitute Offices

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Maybe you need a quieter place to work. Maybe you just need a fancy coffee to give you some energy. Either way, Pinar Tarhan has some great advice for how to pick your spot and the benefits of your new home away from home.

Creating a Productive Home Office
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Working from home has it’s own set of problems, ranging from familial distractions to inefficient work habits. Jake Rocheleau has a few tips that will help keep you a little more organized, as well as some ways to cut down on some of the distractions from home.

Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout the Day
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There are a ton of things distracting us from work. Worse yet, there are times when we don’t need to eliminate distractions, but are instead missing the motivation to keep going forward. This article gives you a few things that will help you out.

Freelance Tasks To Do Without the Internet

What would we do if we lost access to the internet?? How could we do our jobs? Well, there are actually plenty of things we can be doing. Nothing on the list is surprising. Just refer to it when the internet is down and you’ll be fine. Of course, you might want to download this list before that happens.

Migrating Side Projects Into Your Work Schedule
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There is more to working for yourself than just taking on other people’s projects. You probably want to be doing some of your own projects and making a profit from them. But you can’t ignore your paying customers, either. Here are some ways to work your side projects in with your regular client work in an efficient manner.