4 Articles For Web Designer & Developer Freelancers

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Many of us have heard the siren song of entrepreneurship, the desire to be our own boss, or the need to be creative on our own terms. If you’ve decided that this is the right time for you to venture out on your own then these 4 blog posts will help get you on the right path. There is a lot of information you’ll need in order to succeed as a freelancer. This will get you started.

9 Steps for Starting Your Freelance Web Design Business
Freelance Switch

David Horn gives some great advice in regards to the steps needed to start a freelance business. Each step is well-fleshed out and he even gives a few additional links in each step, in case you want to do some extra digging.

Tips for Planning Your Own Design Studio
Web Design Ledger

Jake Rocheleau at WDL has given some great advice on how to take your business up a notch. If you plan on moving your web design from hobby to business than WDL’s article will give you plenty of help. At the botttom of the article are some samples of the company’s work which may motivate you or give you some great ideas.

Juggling Between Freelancer and Business Owner
Web Design Ledger

Jake continues his series with a few more tips. This post is specifically about the balancing act between being a web designer and actually managing your business. These tips build upon the his previous article and should move you along the path to being a full fledged business person.

How to Legally Work With an Intern
Freelance Switch

Melanie Brooks gives you some advice on the proper uses for both paid and unpaid interns. There are quite a few legal ramifications for the misuse of interns. Melanie uses her personal experience on both sides of the fence to help you navigate this tricky area.