The Basics Of Inbound Marketing

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Would you rather be bothered by intrusive and annoying online advertisements or self-select helpful information from companies vying for your attention and patronage?

The answer to the above question in obvious, and businesses everywhere are taking note. In the past (let’s be real, from the beginning of advertising), brands and organizations have sought to grab the attention of the consumer through flashy, in-your-face, and over the top advertisements. This is termed as “Outbound Marketing.” Now, the fundamental functions of the internet are changing the way businesses and advertising agencies reach out to their customers.

Unlike print publications (the main form of mass communication before the turn of the century), the internet is not a one way conversation, but a network of voices that review, comment, upload, download, subscribe, tweet, post, update, and the list goes on. This fundamental change in communication structure has revolutionized the way businesses connect with consumers. Enter: Inbound Marketing.

Unlike “Outbound Marketing,” blasting consumers with ad after annoying ad, Inbound Marketing acts as an agent of conversation. This style of marketing recognizes that it is a voice in a dialogue, and thus being rude and annoying has real consequences. The way Inbound Marketing works is creating useful and user-friendly content that informs and edifies the user who has self-selected this content.

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Inbound marketing is an effective way to grow your business and the loyalty and respect of your customers. Sound like something that could work for you? Check out these great resources for creating Inbound Marketing strategies that produce effective results and give you an edge on your competition.


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