Some Browser Extensions For Web Developers

Are you a web developer looking to boost your efficiency and increase your productivity? Look no further! Below are some awesome browser add-ons and extensions you can use to do just that.

What developer extensions do you use? Let us know in the comments section!


MeasureIt! is a tool that lets you measure the exact measurements of an image you are looking to capture. This tool makes getting images that meet your precise requirements incredibly easy.

MeasureIt! For Chrome
MeasureIt! For Safari
MeasureIt! For Firefox

Live CSS Editor

As its name suggests, Live CSS editor gives you the power to update and edit CSS on your pages and see your changes in real time.

Live CSS Editor For Chrome
Live CSS Editor For Safari
(Unavailable for Firefox at this time)

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite combines the power of a far-reaching development tool with the convenience of a browser extension. From live CSS editing to Synchronization across different windows, Firebug lite makes developing and editing easier than ever. Read more and download using the links below.

Firebug Lite For Chrome
Firebug Lite For Safari
Firebug Lite For Firefox

HTML Validator

HTML Validator detects errors in your HTML and displays them in your status bar while browsing.

HTML Validator For Chrome
HTML Validator For Safari
HTML Validator For Firefox 

Server Switcher

Server Switcher allows you to easily switch between servers throughout the developing process to save you time and energy.

Server Switcher For Chrome
Server Switcher For Safari
Server Switcher For Firefox

Web Developer

Web Developer is designed to be an all-in-one tool set for your most important development needs. This extension is very clean and extremely user-friendly for the developer.

Web Developer For Chrome
Web Developer For Firefox
(Web Developer is currently unavailable for Safari)