Reseller Hosting For Web Designers

Photo by Neeraj Sharma Web Designer

Reseller hosting offers advantages in different ways, especially to web designers who have an established business with many clients. People who want a professional design for a website are often in need of a quality host. By combining both services, web designers can stay in touch with clients while providing an extra revenue stream for themselves. The list below explains the different ways reseller hosting is beneficial to web designers.

It may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many web designers do not take advantage of a reseller host. Providing hosting services along with a custom design is an excellent way to set up recurring revenue while staying in contact with clients for possible future design work. A designer will also be in the position to charge a higher fee for the hosting service, as the personal relationship with the customer requires more detailed attention than is available from a standard host. A client will be more inclined to trust the designer with hosting since that person knows every aspect of the website involved. It is a winning situation for both parties.

A designer who hosts clients is better able to stay in communication with them regarding future design work, technical updates or other issues with the sites. Giving customers coupons to pass on to friends, family and coworkers who may be in need of design services and hosting is a great marketing technique that may cut down on advertising costs. Having design clients on the same server makes it easier for the designer to perform upgrades and other work without the hassle of dealing with a third party host they are not familiar with.

Optional Services
In addition to offering design and web hosting to clients, having a reseller account makes it easier for the designer to create other sites that focus on services such as search engine optimization, content writing or installation of scripts. The designer can run the services themselves or outsource it and collect a referral fee. This is yet another way to build a relationship of trust with customers with the potential to attract more by word of mouth, which can greatly reduce marketing costs.

Extra Resources
Running a web design site can be very resource intensive when all is said and done. Design sites host a great many images and often provide client areas for works in progress. There is also a need for a large number of pages when the designer is selling pre-made templates or themes. Contact forms and information pages must also be taken into account. Being a reseller host can remove a lot of the headaches involved with running a large design site by providing adequate bandwidth and resources, as well as options for branching out onto other domains. This can be convenient if the designer has a personal site or blog that is separate from the business.

A reseller hosting company with established clientele is a great business asset that can be very profitable when sold. Every customer that is added to the service increases the company’s value. Most small hosting companies bring in a sales price that is equivalent to 12 months of revenue, but this can be more if the clients are paying higher hosting fees. The bottom line is a solid company with an established customer base will always command a good sales price.

Web designers take a lot of pride in their work and must be versatile and creative to stay ahead in their market. Offering hosting to clients as part of a design package or a separate service is a simple way to boost reputation and be a go-to person. This can be attractive to both personal and commercial design customers and may even bring lucrative contracts with long-term revenue possibilities. A designer who invests in a reseller account can only improve their business.

Any well-established web designer who wants make more money while providing a valuable service to clients should look into becoming a reseller. The convenience, versatility and potential long-term income boost is well worth the initial small investment and can only bring more success.