Creating Effective Content

photo by J. Paxon Reyes

Creating relevant and effective content is easier said than done. Are you tasked with generating a content strategy and not sure where to begin? Keep these things in mind.

Understand and focus on your audience

Generating content that is useful and enjoyable for your audience is imperative to an effective content strategy. First, look at your product and make sure the content you are producing is relevant to your customers’ interests and expertise. Perform regular check-ups on which topics are getting the most tweets and shares, and conduct surveys every few months to let your readers tell you what they want. Also be sure to engage your audience by responding to their comments and suggestions in a positive and timely fashion. The more you do this, the more likely they will engage in your content again.

Be realistic

What resources do you have to generate content? Don’t set impossible goals for yourself, but concentrate on maximizing your manpower and resources. Focus on creating quality content before ramping up your quantity. This will generate more buzz and give you a solid base to start from when looking to increase the quantity of your content.  Staying within reasonable goals will also save you a lot of stress when planning and generating content.

Make connections

There are many ways to create meaningful connections with your content that will expand your readership and improve your SEO. The first and perhaps the most obvious is through social media. Be sure to link your content to your Facebook, Twitter and G+ outlets and vice-versa.

Another way to make connections is by featuring guest bloggers on your site. Many bloggers are looking for exposure outside their immediate network, and can provide a boost in traffic if the blogger is a savvy promoter. Featuring a guest blogger can also give you a break in generating content or get caught up on your calendar. A couple of good sites for finding guest bloggers and guest posts are My Blog Guest and GuestBlogger.

What are your strategies for creating effective content for your readership? Let us know in the comments!