Cheat Sheets For Developers

Web developers: It’s always helpful to have an easy-to-access list of hints when you’re throwing down some code. Check out this list of cheat sheet resources, which covers everything from basic HTML to C++.
An extensive collection of cheat sheets that covers programming and scripting languages, frameworks and libraries, and more.

DZone is an online community for developers that features a popular links front page (a la Reddit) for quick perusal of the best content the users have to offer. Although not specifically reserved for cheats, DZone is a great resource for any developer who wants to stay up to date and fresh with their knowledge and skill set. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create a (free) account to join.

QuicklyCode sorts their cheats by format, so you can search for wallpapers, widgets, apps and infographics that meet your development needs.

Another great resource mentioned in the designers post that is also fantastic for developers. With 60 cheat sheets, chances are you’ll find something you can use.

Pete Freitag
Check out over 30 cheat sheets in one place sorted by web development, databases/SQL, language, version control and more.

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