5 Customer Service Tips For Hosting Resellers

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One of the most important aspects of a reseller hosting business is the level of customer service it provides. Responding to client needs and expectations is the cornerstone to building an excellent reputation in the market. Outlined below are five ways to provide the very best service to customers.

Be Accessible
Nothing is more frustrating to a client than an inability to reach the host, especially if there is an emergency. A quality reseller will provide a phone number that will be answered at any time of the day or night. Implementing a ticket system, which comes included with some client management softwares, will efficiently prioritize and keep track of customer issues. Another method of contact that has become popular in recent years is live chat. This can be more practical and cost effective than phone service for new resellers on limited budgets. Twitter is an alternative, real-time option that is effective for quick troubleshooting and announcing planned downtime, such as for maintenance.

Be a Good Listener
When a customer has a problem with the reseller service, they want to be heard. They do not want a canned response, or a link to a knowledge base post that may not completely address the issue at hand. Whether communicating by text or voice, the reseller should let the customer talk without interruption, then clarify anything that requires more information. It can be helpful to write out the problem while the client is talking about it and highlight key points. Never argue with the client, as the focus should be on solving the problem, not winning a fight.

Be a Good Communicator
A good host will always treat a customer with respect, regardless of the manner in which the problem is being presented. It is wise to remember many clients do not have the technical expertise that a host does and minor glitches may be intimidating, especially if there is downtime involved. After the client has explained the issue, the host should repeat everything back to ensure all details were covered and the problem is being understood correctly. The client should then be reassured the issue will be handled with utmost priority. This point is very important when using a ticketing system and the discussion is not occurring in real time.

Be Professional
Letting the customer know resolving the issue at hand is very important to you goes a long way toward building a solid reputation in the reseller business. The client should be thanked for their patronage and asked for feedback on how to make the service better. A broader way to find out how the service is doing is put a poll on the company site and make note of the results. Another benefit of great customer service is clients who receive it will write shining reviews and also tell their friends and family how fantastic the hosting service is. Each of those people will share the information with their own network of coworkers and friends. A good reputation always builds upon itself.

Be Open to Change
An often overlooked aspect of customer service is knowing when the current system is not working. Whether that means changing the way clients contact the company, how tickets are handled or who answers the phone is dependent on the type of feedback received. It might be as simple as redesigning the company site or offering new hosting packages, or as complicated as installing a more efficient billing and ticketing system. Whatever the reason, a good host will know when it is time to make a change to better serve its customer base. A company that listens is a company that stays ahead of the game. This is crucial in a highly competitive reseller hosting market.

Providing quality customer service is more than just solving a client’s momentary technical issue. It is an ongoing process that builds trust and goodwill that can lead to more business. The high failure rate of new resellers can often be attributed to a lack of quality communication between the company and the client. Making stellar customer service a number one priority is part of the foundation for success.