Why Entrepreneurs Should Buy Reseller Hosting

Are you an individual with a burning entrepreneurial spirit but you just don’t know how or where to start when creating your own online business? Reseller hosting may be the start-up business for you! With very little monetary and time investment required up front, reseller hosting affords you the opportunity to start and grow an online business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is selling web hosting packages with your own unique brand. Several web hosting companies will not only allow you to resell their hosting products, but will assist you to do so! When you resell web hosting, you will create your own business web presence and promote your own “brand” of web hosting. Of course, your plans must be in line with the plans that are offered by your web hosting provider. In addition, you will be responsible for acting as the support liaison for your own clients. You as the web hosting “middle man” of sorts, may also provide your clients with extras in addition to web hosting plans, such as SEO services, web design and site build-outs.

How Do I Promote My Reseller Web Hosting Business?

Reseller hosting requires that you promote your own brand. You will promote your web hosting brand just like you would promote any other business interest. First, you build a website that showcases the web hosting plans, as well as the other services you offer. Next, you strike a deal with your web hosting provider that allows you to maximize your profits when you sell web hosting services. Most web hosting companies will be happy to have you as a reseller for their product and will work with you in several ways to assist you with your efforts.

Promoting any business online requires that you attain at least a cursory understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). You need to know SEO to effectively promote your brand online. This includes getting your site listed and highly ranked with the major search engines, exchanging links with complementary businesses and getting the word out about the services you offer.

Is Reseller Hosting Scalable?

Many entrepreneurs are concerned with the scalability of reselling web hosting. Fact is, reselling web hosting is no different than any other business in terms of scalability. As long as your web hosting provider is reputable, provides excellent service (up-time, support, etc.) and has been around for a while, you can pretty much rest assured that as your client list grows, your web hosting provider will make sure that your hosting availability grows, too. If you find that you need to switch web hosting companies because or original host is no longer able to accommodate your business’ extreme growth, well, we should all be so fortunate! You can most likely perform a seamless switch to a new web hosting provider, if needed, and your clients be none the wiser.

However, the more clients you resell hosting to, the more your original web hosting provider profits, and the more money you make, as well. Everyone has a vested interest in seeing you succeed in such a venture, including your web hosting provider. In most cases, your web hosting provider will do whatever it takes to keep you as a reseller for their business.

Web Hosting Resales is a Win-Win for Everyone!

As a budding entrepreneur, reselling web hosting is beneficial to you in that you learn valuable skills about promoting your own business, dealing with and keeping clients, managing business procurement and other business-related activities, as well as other skills. You get to start a business without investing a great deal of capital. By starting out small, you are able to provide clients with excellent customer service. You are able to develop and maintain business relationships that may remain for years to come.

For your web hosting provider, they make money because the more web hosting plans you support through your business, the more profit they make as a result. Many web hosting providers actually encourage budding entrepreneurs, as well as web developers, SEO marketers and others in Internet-related endeavors, to resell their hosting products.

As you master the features offered by your web hosting company, you will be able to provide these services to your clients. For example, many web hosting providers offer Linux-based hosting with easy-to-deploy add-ons like Joomla and WordPress. Chances are, an average end user has no desire to master the art of deploying a Joomla site. However, you know about Fantastico! (By the way, Fantistico is a tool offered by several Linux web hosting providers that enable you to deploy add-ons like Joomla within minutes.) Deploying a Joomla site is as easy as pie for you now that you have taken the time to learn about Linux-based hosting services. Why not share this skill with your clients and make money doing it? Reselling web hosting can be a win-win proposition for all involved.