Tools for File Sharing and Collaboration

These days it is becoming more and more important to be able to share and collaborate with co-workers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether your co-workers are separated geographically, working on a time-sensitive schedule, or simply need more tools to collaborate with more speed, easy accessibility to construct and edit documents is extremely important. Here’s where file sharing comes in.

The idea of file sharing and collaboration is not the newest innovation. Most of you have probably used tools like Google Docs to assist in compiling and editing information. These companies, however, give your business an added edge with more features and accessibility options to maximize collaboration and efficiency.


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  • Price: $59.95/month
  • Number of Users: Up to 10
  • Amount of data available: 10GB of Storage/Bandwidth
  • Overview: Sharefile’s Professional Plan includes free professional custom branding, login box on website, and a sync feature that automatically updates and backs up your data from your desktop. Sharefile doesn’t seem to have a full-text search feature for your stored files however, and this could decrease your efficiency in collaboration.


  • Price: $99.95/month
  • Number of Users: Up to 20
  • Amount of data available: 20GB of Storage/Bandwidth
  • Overview: Offers same features as the Professional Plan, but with double the storage and user limit. This plan is also slightly cheaper per user and per GB.

Corporate Gold

  • Price: Starting at $499.95/month
  • Number of Users: Customizable
  • Amount of data available: Customizable
  • Overview: Same features as the Business Corporate and plans, but with the option of customizing the number of users with access and amount of storage space available to them


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  • Price: $15.00/user/month
  • Number of Users: 3-500 employees
  • Amount of data available: 1,000GB
  • Overview: Box gives you more breathing room in terms of number of users allowed on one account and gives you access to massive amounts of space. Box also employs a bare-bones approach to their services although there are desktop sync and full text search option, there are no custom branding or fancy login boxes.


  • Price: Customizable
  • Number of Users: Customizable
  • Amount of data available: Customizable
  • Overview: Box Enterprise gives you the option of consulting with a representative to come up with the right file sharing plan for the particular needs of your business. Enterprise also gives you a few more features than Business, with lucrative option of custom branding.


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  • Price: $99.00/month
  • Number of Users: Unlimited
  • Amount of data available: 25GB of Storage/Bandwidth
  • Overview: Full text search, desktop sync and unlimited users make OneHub a great option for a reasonable price. Space is fairly limited when compared to Box and Dropbox (below), but if 25GB if seems like enough storage for you, give OneHub a closer look.


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  • Price: $795/year for 5 users, $125/year each additional user
  • Number of Users: 5 (with the option of adding more)
  • Amount of Storage/Bandwidth available: 1,000GB for first 5 users, +200GB for each additional user
  • Overview: Many of you are probably already familiar with Dropbox as a personal solution for data storage and backup. Dropbox Teams is a great solution if your business needs to store and collaborate on many large files per user. For the amount of space you get with Dropbox, the price is very reasonable. Dropbox doesn’t seem to have a full-text search option or customizable options, however.

Do you know of any good file sharing and collaboration services good for business that are not listed? Please post about them in the comments!