Like HostNine On Facebook, Enter To Win A Prize

Dear HostNine Customers:

We’re running a super simple contest for H9 customers that will give them a chance to win a Honey Badger Koozie.
You know the Honey Badger, right? The ferocious, thick skinned bad ass of the animal kingdom?

If you don’t, here’s something to get you up to speed.

So, are you up for it? Here’s some rules to follow:


1) Go to the HostNine Facebook page, and click the “Like” button.
2) Those who like the page will be entered into a drawing.
3) Although many will enter, only 3 will be chosen at random to win prizes.
4) HostNine employees are not eligible for this contest.

Yes, it’s that simple.

You have until 4pm on Friday, March 30th to enter.
We will pick the winners on Monday, April 2nd.
Good luck!

Click here to get to our Facebook page.