Infographic: “The Sad State of Social Media Privacy”

Do you use social media to promote your website, web hosting business or reseller hosting business?

This infographic, created by MDG Advertising, covers user opinions about the level of privacy that has come to be expected when using social networks.

The figures show that even heavy users of social media are not entirely aware of what information is/isn’t being collected by the networks they use. In fact, the infographic claims that nearly 2/3rds of consumers don’t trust online companies like Facebook, despite consistent use of the platform.

While this infographic may not be the best conversation starter for those looking to persuade others to increase social media engagement, it’s a fascinating starting point for those who may want to learn more about the privacy policies of the social platforms they use.

What are your views? Is privacy important to you? Have you ever found yourself in a social media-related security snafu? We’re curious to hear your opinions, so let us know in the comments section!

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