6 Tools To Help You Generate Great Content Ideas

picture by Dvortygirl 

Blogging or running a content website itself isn’t very difficult in theory, you just write about 400 words for a post and then upload it onto your CMS. The problem is continuing to deliver interesting posts, especially if you’ve been at it for a few years and you can’t think of a single new thing about your topic of expertise. Instead of throwing up your arms and quitting in an infantile rage, why not utilize the endless resources of the Internet? This list will show you six of the best tools available online to help ease your writer’s block.

This is a Q&A website, but there are many ways you can use it. For example, say you write about Web hosting. Type that into the search bar, and Quora will show you a list of questions on that topic. These make great subjects for articles. Not only that, but this is a great research tool. Unlike most other Q&A websites, business executives normally answer the questions, which gives you good information for your post.

Google Keyword Tool
You might already be using this to think of keywords for your posts, but if not, now is the time to get acquainted. You start by typing in a keyword, like Web hosts, and the Google Keyword Tool will bring up keywords that people search that are related to your term.By looking through the keywords, you will know what people are searching for, and you can think of a keyword to center your post around.

There may be people already messaging you, asking you to make posts about a certain subject. But most of the time, your readers aren’t doing that. By using this tool, you can insert a survey box into your website where you can directly ask people what type of content they would like to see. This can give you a whole new world of perspective on your topic, and can easily give you new topics to write about.

Here you will find a social bookmarking website where people bookmark their favorite websites. By entering your search term, you can find out what websites are popular in your field. Then, just read through their content and get an idea of what they are posting, and you may feel the creative juices flowing.

Wordtracker Keyword Questions
People are always asking questions about your particular niche topic, but it can be hard to find these questions and be inspired by them. With Wordtracker’s tool, you are able to type in a keyword, and then it will return a list of questions centered on your keyword. You can then make a post that answers this question, or you may think up an entirely different topic. Regardless, this is a powerful tool that can help you think of a new topic.

Yahoo Answers
While Yahoo Answers typically does not have the same experts that you can find on Quora, it does have one distinct advantage: a much larger user base. This means that, on average, you can find more questions dealing with your keyword. Just type in your keyword, and a huge list of questions will appear. It is usually best to use some of their filters to find the best topics, as you will normally find pages and pages of topics.By using these six tools, you should be able to get enough inspiration to fill your site’s editorial calendar for months and years to come.