6 Awesome Web Design Tutorial Sites

Getting a basic website up and running is easy nowadays thanks to popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal. These programs allow anyone to administer a gorgeous, full-featured dynamic website regardless of coding ability. If you’d like to take your website to the next level, there are plenty of sites online that offer useful web design tutorials. Here are six of the best that are currently available.

W3 Schools

If you don’t know an “id” tag from a “class” tag and lack a basic understanding of how HTML, CSS and Javascript work,W3 Schools should be your first destination. Though it’s frowned upon by self-appointed web design snobs and can be a bit basic, it’ll provide some much-needed grounding in the fundamentals if you’re a complete “noob”. When it comes to web design training wheels, it’s tough to beat W3 Schools.

Six Revisions

For years, Six Revisions has provided a limitless supply of handy tutorials and how-to guides on all things web design. Their material ranges in difficulty from absolute beginner to full-blown expert-level and includes everything in between. Their tutorials are organized based on their web design sub-discipline, giving you handy tips on things like AJAX techniques and PHP back-end coding. It’s easily one of the most comprehensive tutorial sites for designers on the web.

Smashing Magazine

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the grandaddy of web design tutorial sites, Smashing Magazine, in our master list. In addition to its own amazing material, its related ecosystem of affiliated web design sites, the Smashing Network, fills in the blanks. Whether you need to turn a Photoshop-designed PSD file into a pixel-perfect web design or just create a fluid layout for mobile devices, Smashing Magazine has all the bases covered.


For a more in-depth, technical look at the low-level markup and coding required for intermediate and advanced web design, Nettuts+ is the place to go. Boasting net tutorials that are a cut above the rest, Nettuts+ offers guides on every kind of web design technique imaginable. Their guest writers are culled from the ranks of the finest web designers on the planet, so any advice you find among their pages is almost always topnotch and up to date.

Web Monkey

Backed by the popular tech news publication Wired, Web Monkey is an underrated source for web development tutorials and step by step guides. Overall, they offer some of the best web design and coding tutorials around and make learning web development easy and hassle-free. If you need to modify a WordPress theme and don’t know how to get started, Web Monkey will show where to begin.

A List Apart

The thinking man’s tutorial portal, A List Apart is a great way to explore the theory of effective design and learn a practical trick or two at the same time. A List Apart is well-known for its focus on user experience and aesthetic perfection. If you’re trying to figure out how to tweak your current theme or web layout just so, A List Apart probably has an article addressing your query.

Gaining proficiency in web design and development can take years to fully master both the fundamentals and the finer points. To get up to speed on the basics, the aforementioned tutorial sites will give you a great start. In addition to those stellar web design learning sites, CSS-Tricks and 24ways.org are also terrific options for upping your game. In any event, anybody with the desire to learn can pick up some deft web design chops from online web design tutorial sites.