6 Reliable WordPress Resources

Finding the best WordPress resources can be a pain. How does one separate the wheat from the chaff when faced with 2 million results for “WordPress Tutorials”? There’s only so many hours in a day!

Here’s 6 reliable resources that will get you absorbing WP knowledge like a hungry sponge.

1) WordPress Lessons (from WordPress.org)


The best place to start for the newbie. Divided into 4 sections that touch on all the essentials: “WordPress for Beginners”, “Designing Your WordPress Site”, “Lessons for Theme Development”, and “Website Development”. Solid.

2) WordPress Forums


The official WordPress forums. Along with the WP documentation, there’s valuable, regularly updated information that stretches across any WP topic you can think of.

3) WPtuts


WP tuts is part of the “Plus” network of tutorial sites that cover everything from app development to Adobe’s Creative Suite. You’ll find helpful WordPress-focused articles, videos and tutorials that benefit users at any skill level.

Check out this collection of WordPress cheat sheets they put together. Good stuff.

4) Smashing Magazine


Somewhat similar to WPtuts, the Smashing Magazine network collects the best articles and tutorials from across the web for WordPress users, and also covers topics related to design, web development and user experience. An endless resource.

5) Sitepoint


Another great provider of info for the web professional or the newcomer interested in WordPress. You’ll find tutorials, podcasts, a bookstore, and online courses available for developers and designers for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

6) WPCandy


While this contains content similar to the resources listed above, there’s also solid opinion and interview articles with WordPress experts. Looking for an experienced WordPress developer to make your site? There’s a easy-to-search directory of WordPress pros for hire.