2011 Internet Summit Wrap up

The Internet Summit is a great event that happens each year in our neighboring city of Raleigh, NC. It’s a regional event that attracts talented speakers, conducts exceptionally informative sessions on business, marketing, design and technology  as well as offering ample opportunities for networking.  I attended on behalf of HostNine to learn, meet new partners, and stay up to date on industry news.

This years conference “brought the thunder” as keynote speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk would put it. Gary is an energetic speaker, successful owner of several businesses, and an accomplished best-selling author. He spoke about how the technology landscape is changing right in front of us, how companies need to improve the quality of their customer service, and how marketers need to move to a pull rather than a push model when it comes to targeting customers. 80% of the audience didn’t know him before he spoke, and at the end of his talk there was a standing ovation. Pretty impressive.

Another great part of the Internet Summit is the pre-conference sessions. I was able to catch a great presentation by Matthew Muñoz on using “Design as A Strategic Tool.” The session went beyond designing your website, application, etc and talked about aligning self-interest with a shared purpose and  how to create an architecture of participation within the walls of a company. There are some great tips for all in this presentation. Feel free to check it  out here.

Lastly, HostNine’s CEO Douglas Hanna was in attendance and lead a presentation entitled, “Taking Online Reputation Management to the Next Level.” You can find his informative presentation here.

Overall, the turnout for this show was great, with close to 2000 attendees participating. I had a great time networking and meeting companies that might be great partners for HostNine. We will have to see what happens in 2012!