Take Reseller Central for a Test Drive

One of the best features about our reseller hosting plan is the fact we have built our very own dashboard for our customers to manage THEIR customers.  It is fast, robust with features, and quite easy to learn. Did I mention, it is really easy to learn?

We have recently launched a public demo of our dashboard and we would like you to try it out. Granted, you can’t do everything you would if you were a customer (for Technical and Security reasons) but you can get a really good idea of what you are getting when you signup for our reseller service. Click Here or the screenshot to check it out:

Click the link to demo Reseller Central


Here are some of the features you get out of the box…

Reseller Central Features:

    •  Automated Billing software included: Easy to setup a reoccurring monthly/bi-annual/annual payment system with your customers. No hassling with envelope-stuffing invoices or dealing with importing your data into a 3rd party billing software.


    • Support/Ticket System-  Don’t hassle with emails back and forth with customers. We give you the power to have your customers submit tickets so you can answer them on a timely basis.


    • Worldwide Reselling-  We don’t limit you to a specific country when hosting your customers websites. Go global and if customers want to move from one server to to another, country-to-country? Well, it is as easy as point and click (limited locations apply*).


So go ahead and give us a test drive– let us know what you think!