3 Reasons Web Designers & Developers Need Reseller Hosting

There are so many different types of Hosting packages out there. We often get people contacting us here at HostNine and asking us, “I need hosting- but I just don’t know what kind of hosting is suitable for my needs. Can you help?” While a standard shared hosting plan might seem feasible for a majority of folks, it might not be the best fit  for those who do work on the web. For Web Designers and Developers-
Reseller Hosting is the way to go.


Here are 3 reasons why:

1) It makes managing your customers WAY easier.

When you finish work for a client, often times you point them in the direction of a hosting provider to host their website. Sometimes the client comes back to you and wants you to revise something and they painfully try to tell you where it is located and how their hosting is setup. Well, no more! As a Reseller you keep all your clients in one place, can log in to their accounts when instructed to fix something, and remove the headache of the hundreds of emails you would receive outside your reseller account.


2) You make a healthy profit.

As a Reseller, you determine the price for hosting that you want to charge your customers. Why? because you have the relationship with your customers and we put you in a position to own a hassle-free, hosting service.  Here is example of how you can be profitable:

If you buy in to the lowest price Reseller package (at $24.95/month) that we offer, you are granted 100 domains, certain bandwidth and memory, and a bunch of other features. If you decide to charge each of the domain holders/your clients our lowest shared hosting price, this would be your return:

100 domains x $3.95= $395/month

$395- $24.95 (cost per month) = $370.05 per month profit!
                                                      =  $4,441 annual profit!

These are general estimates, but it shows the power and potential of creating a profitable hosting service.


3)  You get robust features at your finger tips.

With other reseller hosting providers,  they often give you features that need a good amount of assistance from the providers support team, to actually use. With all our plans, our features put you in the driver seat.  Need to move a customer’s domain to another location, in another country? No problem- point and click. Need to send an invoice to a customer for a billable item? We got you covered (you also have the ability to collect payments with a recurring payment model). These are just a few actions you can take with little to no assistance from our team.

In the coming weeks, We will be writing more blog posts on how we can help different types of individuals get the most out of reseller hosting. Stay tuned.