HostNine Integrates Attracta’s Technology Into Hosting Platform to Deliver Automated SEO Tools and Results

Integration of Attracta’s SEO tools into HostNine’s cPanel interface and immediate customer provisioning through a single click opt-in process, will help HostNine customers maximize search engine traffic through better SEO, including regular automated XML Sitemap submissions.

“Access to easy-to-use and high-value SEO technology is critically important to our customers, who are often confused about how to rank highly in Google. Fortunately, Attracta demystifies many of the key SEO tasks our customers need to do,” said HostNine Operations Manager Ben Gabler. “Helping increase our customers’ search engine visibility is another example of our commitment to providing the latest technology to help ensure their online success.”

“We’re delighted to collaborate with HostNine and provide their customers with simple and effective SEO tools to improve their search engine rankings,” added Attracta Vice President of Channel Sales Rich Murphy. “Integrating our cPanel plugin and distributing our SEO technology helps HostNine build out its hosting platform and technology so it can stand out in the hosting market and continue its aggressive growth.”

What does Attracta’s search engine visibility technology do?
Attracta’s service helps websites optimize their SEO activities by evaluating them based on Google’s Webmaster guidelines. After each site is scored on how well its content meets the Guidelines, Attracta provides tools to easily make measurable improvements, including automated XML sitemap submission, common SEO error identification, local search submission and link building options. This helps websites and blogs boost search engine visibility, targeted site traffic, and sales.

How can HostNine customers get started?
The Attracta service is fully integrated into HostNine’s hosting platform and available to customers through a cPanel plugin. There is no software to install; customers simply click on the “Get In Google” tool in their cPanel, and manage their Attracta services and SEO tools using a feature-rich online dashboard. Customers with large sites, or those seeking more frequent XML Sitemap submission and additional SEO features have a variety of inexpensive upgrade options.

About Attracta
Attracta provides automated search engine submission and optimization (SEO) services to more than 85,000 websites of all sizes. Attracta’s innovative web-based technology helps increase search engine visibility and site traffic by analyzing sites based on Google’s SEO Guidelines, and providing remediation assistance, including automated XML Sitemap and Local search submission and resolution of common SEO errors. Attracta sells its services directly, and through a reseller channel of web hosts, site developers, and agencies. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Napa, CA. For more information, visit or 888-317-3994.

About HostNine
Since inception four years ago, HostNine has focused on providing awesome cutting-edge hosting products at fantastically low prices through a global network of servers in premier datacenters around the world. HostNine is committed to continually evaluating and improving our product line and your services – ensuring that we’re always firmly ahead of the competition, and even more importantly, providing our clients with everything that they need to be successful. A central strength of HostNine is Reseller Central, a cutting-edge reseller platform developed by HostNine, for HostNine’s reseller network. Reseller Central enables the seamless management of clients, and the ability to sell cPanel (Linux) web hosting in over 10 locations around the world. For more information, or call 877-251-HOST