Hosting Requirement for Ecommerce Site

If you are expecting to sell a maximum of 5 to 10 items online, you might be fine with a small hosting account however if you are expecting to sell hundreds of items per day you will definitely need a larger account like dedicated server since you will need a secure connection for financial transactions.  A secure connection enable your website address with https before it so that your customer should feel secured while providing important information like credit card while making payment.

To create a secure site you’ll need dedicated IP and SSL, or a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, which will be installed on your website for a small fee once you have meet the terms with the requirements for the certificate.

For processing and managing financial transactions on your web site t you will need payment gateways by which you can deal with your financial transactions and direct your customers to them for payments. There are many payment gateways are there like PayPal 2checkout, Moneybookers,Google checkout which you need to set-up on your site for getting the payment from your clients.

To sell products and establish a business entity to conduct business online, you will need the best ecommerce software that you can find. These are scripts which are installed in your hosting account providing a shopping cart to your web site and will allow your customers to navigate your site easily. If you are using oscommerce or zencart, you can easily install them through your Fantastico script installer via your cPanel hosting account.

Shopping carts arrange your products into categories that make easier for your customer to select a product that he wants to buy. Shopping carts help you to calculate the prices and impose the tax and shipping costs which automatically set as per the international standard. However you should make sure to create a secured ecommerce site to protect your  customers’ sensitive information during online transactions.