Tips to Get Your Site on Top of Google

Everyone wants their website to get top rankings on Google. Though it sounds like a far away dream, this is quite possible if you make the right efforts in the right direction.

The website should be in top form

This means that all your web pages are totally clean and do not have any pointless flash or animation. The meta tags should correctly reflect what is on them, this includes keywords, description, content and title. And most importantly, your content should be in top form, useful, and informative. All the hyperlinks on each paragraph or each page should work out fine.

Make the presence of the website visible to Google

In order to get this done, you need at least 35 quality links pointing to your site. Only then will Google even start to take notice of the website. And each of these 35 links should come from different websites. So if you submit to directories, chose the best ones that are high in page rank themselves. Don’t waste your time getting links from sites, that can’t ensure quality listing. That will not really help you.

Research what Google is actually looking for

Therefore if your content is not helpful or unique, don’t expect to find great favors from Google. A website that has just been put together to reap in money without anything concrete on it will not really get you anywhere with Google.

Keep on working on the website

You have to keep improving your website. Meta tags should be reviewed. Php and html should be pulled up. So not forget to improve the navigation, structure and content of your website. The trick is to update. And this goes for backlinks too. just because your website has figured once in top ranking does not mean that you forget to do the base work.