HostNine Architects New Solutions for 2009!

Jupiter, FL November 18, 2008 — In preparation for 2009 visionary web hosting provider HostNine pre-launches a new website that is focused on enhanced customer support, simplified service level agreements, and a focus on being the leader in their global hosting offering. In a competitive market HostNine completes a series of updates internally to become the definitive leader in global web hosting. HostNine’s new vision for hosting includes new standardized hardware, hosting packages, geographical diverse locations, and easy to read service level agreements.

Clients now have the ability to select 1 of 10 geographical locations and include unlimited storage and bandwidth. In a market that is focused on stack and rack hosting, HostNine is also limiting the number of accounts per geographically diverse server to less than 500. Through this new product launch the unlimited hosting plans bring together a reliable and international hosting platform that provides a global reach.

As HostNine prepared for this major shift in business model it has spent the last 3 months standardizing hosting servers to a single highly available Quad Core Xeon based processor with 4GB of RAM and RAID based hard drive configuration. Ben Gabler, Operations Manager of HostNine comments, “The process allows capacity planning and the ability to provide clients with the resources they need to host dynamic applications such as blogs, content management applications, and websites that load quickly”. The foundation for this standardization provides equal quality across all 10 major points of global presences provided by HostNine.

The management team at HostNine reviewed current documents and revised Service Level Agreements to be easily readable and simple to understand. Ben Gabler, Operations Manager at HostNine describe the Service Level Agreement, “Our entire management team spent a full day simplifying the language so that existing customers and new customer alike could read and understand our promise in less than 1 minute. In reviewing hundreds of Service Level Agreements, most would require a full team of attorneys to actually understand”.

About HostNine Since 2006, HostNine has spent time building a reputable customer base and building a strong product set that includes Windows Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, and an exclusive geographically diverse hosting and reseller infrastructure that provides instant setup of websites in 1 of 10 international data centers. By working with major data center providers, hand selecting hardware components, and custom development of a global hosting infrastructure HostNine provides a premium web hosting solution at an affordable price. HostNine is a leader in customer service, technology, and geographically diverse web hosting services.