Datacenter Reliability

Unfortunately our Texas data center “The Planet” had a major electrical problem which resulted in an explosion in their Houston data center causing a full evacuation. Fortunately no one was harmed and servers remain in tact without any damage. They are not providing any ETA’s at this time but they do seem confident that they will have things back online late this evening.

The biggest fear we’ve always had in the hosting world is something like this happening. Due to the fact that we lease our servers through a trusted company we depend on them to ensure network reliability and things like this are out of our reach.

On another note this is why we decided to switch to our Reseller Central product. The majority of our customers are using this product allowing them to host their websites throughout multiple data centers for this exact reason. Obviously things will happen whether we see an outage for 10 minutes, 60 minutes, or in this case 24 hours and counting. At this time it does appear that the majority of the websites hosted by HostNine are online but we still have customers on our legacy WHM servers which are located at the planet. Unfortunately all of their websites have been down during this outage. We strongly urge anyone not using Reseller Central to upgrade to it as soon as possible once things are back online by filling out the form located securely on our website at

With Reseller Central you have the ability to host your websites all around the world in over 10 different data centers. This way if one data center has issues it may only affect some of your websites rather than all of them.

A full list of locations available at this time can be found in this map below:

This is a unique feature only found at HostNine as Reseller Central was built in house from the ground up. One of the latest features added was the Windows hosting ability so you can now host websites on both Linux (cPanel) and Windows (Plesk) platforms at the click of a button and the best part is everything is manageable from one single control panel.

A full tour of Reseller Central can be found here

The reason I mention Reseller Central in this response to the major outage at The Planet is due to the fact that we cannot stress the importance/power of this platform enough. This is not intended as a sales pitch as we do not charge for the switch/upgrade. We just feel it’s a logical solution that has proven to be effective especially in this situation.

If you have any questions about Reseller Central please feel free to email

If you have any questions about the Network Outage in Texas please email

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this unfortunate event and will be providing you with updates as we get them through our forums.

Rick D. Brown
HostNine L.L.C